Check out American Villainy on Kongregate!

So I recently posted that I was launching American Villainy on NewGrounds but after making some adjustments and looking at options for the best exposure and feedback I’ve decided to go with Kongregate as the place to get some more feedback. So, I created a Kong specific fork of American Villainy that has some stat tracking using Kong’s API and I am hoping that in time some badges will be…

Bug fixes and beta7

I’ve been working on playing through American Villainy and fixing bugs along the way, as well as adding and tweaking some features. I’ve changed the splash screen to do something I’d always wanted to do and to add a little color to the AV logo. I think it turned out really well. I’ve also totally redone the notification system in the game. From now on there will only be the…

November Updates!

Some updates have been made to the core engine of American Villainy to improve response time and game play. This is only for the browser based version 0.0.271 and higher. Please make sure you are playing at least this version of the game to see the improvements. Play it here.

Bright future for 2018

So, development on the mobile version of American Villainy is stalled at the moment but I am currently making some tweaks to the browser version that will bring things in line with some ideas I have for moving forward. So, 2017 wasn’t the greatest year for American Villainy (which is kind of ironic, isn’t it?) but 2018 will see some big moves in the storyline and the addition of at…


Just a little heads up; Intel recently decided to discontinue the program (Cordova support for XDK) I was using (the go to compiler for the program I use to build games) to turn my code into something usable on Android. Because of this I have looked for an alternative way to turn the work I’ve done into something playable. There isn’t really an easy alternative and the ones that are…

American Villainy goes mobile!

American Villainy fans- Head on over to the Fatesjoke Studios to stay up to date on the migration of American Villainy to mobile!! After a long hiatus development is back on for American Villainy and the game is being ported over to mobile to celebrate. This means the addition of Google Achievements and the ability to purchase some in-game items!


Development is still on hold but while working on another project I have figured out the solution to a problem I was having moving forward with American Villainy! So once I have the time to resume working on AV I’ll be able to implement some cool features that I’ve had in mind.

Lack of updates

So there hasn’t been much going on here at American Villainy on my end, part of that is intentional and part of it is not. The intentional part: I’ve started working on another project that takes some of the ideas I have planned for American Villainy and puts them into practice in an easier way for testing and learning purposes. AV is a tad complex behind the scenes and large…

Special badge for special people

In the next update to Chapter 1 (1.1.0) a brand new badge will be available (along with a couple of bonuses). To earn this badge go to the Settings page and enter this game code “AVWEBSITEBADGE16”. Live now here and on Newgrounds.

Updates to Chapter 1

After some great feedback from the Newgrounds community I’ve made some bug fixes to the final version of Chapter 1. So the game here and on Newgrounds has been updated with these changes. I’ve got a few more changes to make based on feedback but those won’t be updated until tomorrow afternoon. So far the feedback from various websites has been slow, except for Newgrounds which has been coming at…